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A Farina reader -

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Let the par-tay begin...

My whole 'literary life' (if it could be called so) began with Farina's Been Down so Long, It Looks like up to Me. [As it was youthfully noted here.] Then I went through a Kerouac - Beat period. (Favorites during that time were Kerouac's "Visions of Cody", "Big Sur", "Desolation Angels", All things Ferlinghetti, Sporadic Ginsberg - Kaddish Favourably, and Corso's "Bomb.")

Right now I'm in a self-dubbed modern eclectic phase; reading Pynchon, Gaddis, occasional Burroughs, Firbank, Artaud, and several others.

If you want to read something hilarious, disjointed, solemn, and complex - I suggest Thomas Pynchon's "V." It'll drive you mad.

(As you probably know, Pynchon wrote the introduction for Farina's book Been Down...)

Glad to see a Farina reader on the boards, not that many people enjoy his fast-paced eccentric style. See you around.