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Meeoww! Prrrrttt! Phfffft!: Tomcat Murr

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THE LIFE AND OPINIONS OF TOMCAT MURR by E. T. A. Hoffman should be banned!

I don't care if the writing is eloquent, archaic, and formal. I don't care if it is sharp and witty. I don't care if it is an old German classic.

I don't care if the author inspired Mozart and Offenbach. I don't care if he inspired Balzac and Flaubert.

The protagonist is a pussy cat who observes the foibles of humanity, and in the process becomes vain and petty. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING KITTY CATS PORTRAYED IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT! This anti-feline bigotry has got to stop!

I look at Puss-in-Boots and the Cheshire Cat. I see how Batman outsmarts the Catwoman in every caper. I see this plethora of animated cartoons in which pussy cats are portrayed as dolts. By the way, Mighty Mouse is a creep!