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the novel's coming along great now!

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DHL builds up all this history behind his characters! THere's is one thing that stands out for me, and that's his use of agressive emotions, like hate, and "glowering", and your basic domestic rupture. Love/hate is a big thing in his narrative, of unity and rupture between people. Your modern couple don't stand for the rupture part - they just split up, instead of persevering like DHL's charcaters and accepting the rupture as a point of course. As i said though, in my last post, i think he's converting me to a love of the long novel - the sense of time and depth is particularly real, and his use of the unconscious as a way to unpack his characters is, to be sure, a worthwhile device! (though i always have to keep in my mind, that using the unconscious is only a way of interpreting a character, as opposed to being a way of saying something absolutely truthful about them. There's many ways to interpret a character using their unconsciousness as a starting point. Derrida would partiuclarly focus on this point, I surmise.)