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I must say Woolrich is someone i'd place next to Chandler or Hammett, as singlemalt says, in the category of 'noir', and as much as i enjoy them-i've been inextricably corrupted by the fantastic mind of Ellroy, and it just seems so tame... The whole basis for his novels is astounding, yet so simple, taking a modernistic, extremely open style, placing them in a 1950's background, which history looks on with rose-tinted glasses, and fucking up your perception. For me, the movie of LA Confidential came close to the total darkness of the novel, (but film hasn't managed to catch up with books in giving the viewer the full picture which in a sense is an inherent fault of the medium, as well as the ambition of the novel)the beginning with De Vito as a sleazy gate-keeper/scandal-rag hack of the hidden world of Hollywood NO-ONE wants you to see, is beautifully created and incapsualates a part of Ellroy himself, as a writer drawing us in with his overtly graphic and extreme tone.