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Hong Kong Haikus (PC)

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Hi, I've been trying to capture HK images, especially those that contrast nature and urbanisation. Am I on the right track at all?

In the egret's gaze-
the pier sign illuminates
a succulent shrimp.

Restaurant lobsters
taste sea air with their feelers
and dream of freedom.

Rusting by the path.
In the old cement mixer
gardenia blooms.

The rash on my crotch-
as red as yoke-wood blossom.
Damn cheap nylon pants.

Plucked from the sea bed
the typhoon tossed mine sways, dead
on a couch of spume

Frangipani sweet,
the breeze caresses Tai Ping
and perfumes the night.

Hearing the busker,
the fleas on the blind dog sing.
They know all the words.

The noble Banyan
gracefully stretches her roots
beneath passing feet.

Football pitch flood lights
reflect on the fat cockroach,
that falls in my drink

After the cloud burst-
an ambitious mosquito
waits in the bathroom

The crested bulbuls
complete vociferously
for the pizza crust

On the cable road
in a discarded rucksack-
rat snake sheds his skin

Spotting a rival
at his territory's border:
the gekko cackles

His hunt successful,
the kitten presents us with
a flailing cockroach