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Sharik and Judih -- yes, good ideas. I'm really taking this day by day, and I have a feeling it's going to evolve in some or all of the directions you're mentioning. The logistics are the tricky part, as always. About the collection -- well, I have the dubious honor of having co-edited what I think was the first anthology of internet-based fiction and poetry ever to be published in book form, back in 1997 (it was called "Coffeehouse: Writings From The Web", it's out of print now and was a total failure in terms of sales, and you can still find it on Amazon by searching my name). The experience of irritating the egos of 47 writers and poets by publishing their work in this form was not pleasant. Many writers were gracious and pleasant to work with but some others were extremely anxious and difficult -- and overall the experience was just not worth the hassle. So my original idea for these boards was to avoid the complexities of "selection" and "editing". That doesn't mean, though, that they will not inevitably grow in that direction. I just want the growth to be gradual and organic and completely healthy. How does that sound ...?

-- Levi