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Important Announcement

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Earlier this week a LitKicks member threatened LitKicks with legal action based on a perceived copyright dispute, and also sent unsolicited emails to LitKicks sponsors threatening legal action against these sponsors as a result of their involvement with LitKicks.

LitKicks takes the action of this member very seriously, and as a result must now require each member to agree to a Terms of Service statement designed to clarify and protect the rights of both LitKicks members and the LitKicks site. This Terms of Service statement was developed according to standard industry "best practices" and is not believed to differ from the Terms of Services statements at the most popular internet community websites in any significant way.

The Terms of Service statement contains some strongly worded language that may cause concern among members who do not know how to evaluate the implications. Please accept my personal assurance, as the propreitor of LitKicks, that this site will always uphold the highest ethical standards, and will continue to operate according to the same principles of openness, fairness and mutual trust between site members and site staff that it always has. I am honestly sorry to have to confront my members with a legal document of any kind; however the site's legal counsel has mandated that this is now necessary.

Some time next week, each member will be asked to agree to this statement by hitting an "I Agree" button. Members who do not agree will no longer be able to post within the site. I am posting the statement now, several days before the agreement will be required, so as to give all members a fair chance to discuss and review these terms by posting to these boards BEFORE their acceptance is required.

Here is the statement:

I am posting this message to every LitKicks message board, but I hope we can contain the discussion on the Feedback board and let the other boards steer clear.

-- Levi