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Super/Dying Power (PC)

Posted to Poetry

I try to put into words America, what I dare not say
But it is our trust, which you have broken,
Our loyal bond, that has been crossed,
Time and time again.
Why are you so cruel America,
When all we asked for was what we have given you?

We put faith in your development,
And saw as you grew.
We toiled in our troubles,
Child labor, genocide of the natives,
And yet I watched as you went for the throat.

What else do you want?
What is it that you can take from me,
That hasn’t already been stolen?
Our hope was sold to feed a growing nation,
And we were told our hope would be returned,
But I have yet to see it come.
Where have you put our souls America,
What is to become of our faith?

Who shall we owe our homage to,
When even you have left us without answers?
I watched as many followed your plea to gain our freedom back,
But I haven’t heard the bells ring.
When will they ring America?
When will the freedom bells ring.

I heard that long ago they once rang,
And o’ how joyous it must have been,
But it has been many centuries since,
That I have heard word of such bells chiming.

They’ve followed you this far America,
And what a path they have taken,
I watched, but could not bear to participate,
For my faith fell long before I was born.

It was hard to grow up in a country that was torn,
But never showed signs of such struggle.
And o’ I wonder, what will happen with this next generation.
What next America?
Where will we turn now America, after so many ties have been broken?
Who will dare help us now, after they saw,
First hand, what “power and might” we possess,
And what degrees we will go just to sustain,
A super/dying power?