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A certain sadness

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America sometimes leaves us with an empty feeling in our gut--I think you expressed that very well, Wheezer. I love the tag by the way:) I guess the goodness I find in America is with ordinary people and I wrote the following expressing that side:


It is not screaming jets or men and women marching in syncopated step; it is not the sight of the stars and stripes waving in the wind, nor pictures of dignitaries on the wall. None of these things speaks of America to me.

It is quiet groups of quite ordinary people, sitting and talking in the local coffee shop; moms trying to keep up with their energetic toddlers as they run squealing through a store. It is dads joking with the men at the hardware store and teenagers doing all those things that irritate us.

It is couples young and old, holding hands and remembering that they love. It is all the ordinary things and all the ordinary people that make me proud.