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blessed brother of kalidasa's cry!


lately i've been reading about the origin of the western
alphabet, how they were adapted from egyptian picto-glyphs
into phonemes of proto-canaanite; thus "A" is actually
derived from the picture of a Bull, "Alepu" in Canaanite,
hence the sound "A---" (if you look at it closely, doesn't it still look like a bull though, hungup by its rear hooves with its horns towards the ground? perhaps waiting to be slaughtered, poor cousin of Baal)

B is for Betu, meaning house

O is from (o)enu, meaning eye

and etc..

anyway, yir poem seems to resonate with this in me head...
actually, head is Rasu: R.


ah, drowning in the joy of words, cuneiform scrips and scratches upon clay vessels... i'd like to find out the word for water, in its earliest form from sumerian, carve it on a pot and drink my fill... but then again, i'm already guessing that the glyph must be something obvious, waves curving or MMMMMMMMMing (which is what M is derived from, apparently) and even in chinese it's the same... water is water, i guess... unless it's H20... hmmmm....

may this find you well, friend!