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We drove across the desert in a rented chevy

Posted to Poetry

And he tells me that his childhood
Among hippies
Is what drives him to do drugs and steal
"They gave me acid when I was 8"
"They made me steal food from grocery stores"
"I was left on communes by myself for months"
That's why I'm fucked up, he says
But I'm getting over it
I'm doing better now, going to therapy
(And I stupidly believed him)

24 hours ago, he had rummaged through my friend's closet
And took her wedding ring for the hell of it
Now he sat beside me with the rocks hidden inside his pocket
As we drove
drinking red bull
trailing a girl going 100 in a pathfinder
"Follow the brave!", he shouted
And we listened to Deftones "white pony"
Until we reached the Painted Desert

What an idiot I had been
For not noticing
(or mabye ignoring)
the resonating untruth
and the dooors left ajar

I think back and it's amazing that he was doing speed balls while I slept through nightmares

I wonder why I never questioned
That his days were spent half asleep
His big eyes glassy, skin greasy
he was on another binge
A couple of diamonds
can keep you high for a while
I guess

She was away on buisness in Florida and called me one night
"By the way,the only thing I have that means anything to me is my ring, would you check on it?"
He would'nt do that
My brother

The poet
The one I idolized
My brother