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tru evil

Posted to Poetry

Pander my witness
Baby I’m a careless criminal
I’ll spit my cigarette out on your doorstep
And leave it burning
As your mother answers the door

I think in rhythm
For sure I can talk a lot of shit
Honey don’t tell me any of your secretes
If you don’t want eight of
Nine of my close friends telling their friends

Charge me with slander
That is far the mildest of my crimes
I’m bad like Marlon Brando in ‘The Wild One’
Sweetie it ain’t no lie
I’ve been saving up for a chopper

I whiskey the drink
And I’ll be blacked out by 3 AM
Will you please take me back to my mother’s house
And explain I’m not well
As I am puking in the back round?

Think of how I’d feel
To be as evil as the devil
Then realize the devil is pure fiction
And you can understand
That I am as evil as Satan