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Tides of Joy

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The tides of time wash quickly over lost souls
no place to go no one to know no one to love
I'm just me
I assert myself free
I am crazed and blazed
Lusting over the thought of infinite love and leisure
Masturbating to a vague concept of fuck and fury
Wishing I would be loved and love
Wondering the void of vast nothing
That I can not out run or join merrily
Nothing is Grand
Nothing is nothing is something
Two lovers fuck under the stars of the night sky
Two lovers fuck because that is what they do
I am the anomie of lust
I am the dark secret that lovers hide
Somewhere upon a rusty bench lies a cosmic bum
Thinking thoughts that only god has thought
Sipping wine from a bag cold and dismay
I am alone
I am a chain smoker Grass toker
I am the grand obscene
Once I had a girl who let me do as I please
I pleased her in return and I gave her my needs
I loved her very much, but she is gone with the times
I once had a girl who I loved every day
I loved her too much and now she has gone away
I like smoking pot
I like my big cock
Every time the sun set smiles upon the horizon I make it known
Every time I feel happy I will not be alone
Sometime lies are the only thing that keeps me alive
All the time waves crash over the ocean which I have not seen
However, I know it is there and love it all the same
I am extremely neurotic
I like to do narcotics
How grand is the smell of moist vagina
What tastes better then a clitoris
Women are lovers, liars, and beauty
I am just here
I am the hated
I enjoy my destruction
I think my elegy should read:
"Here lies the lazy poet, he got drunk,
And high, and even higher yet,
But he smiled when he felt the cold hand of death"
I am lazy
I am the end of my own nothing
Crazed! I fall asleep and when I awake crazed!
Humanity is insanity I much rather sleep
All this... All this... and the only bliss is found in a kiss