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Filter the ashes and find a bone fragment
Some sentiment in the destruction
Some white against the distraction
The black abstraction

I’m racing a burn that started tracing my soul with every turn
Of breathing, finding Zen on roof tops with murder in my blood
Let my flowers wilt and die, let my card read “never write”

I sit and blister, fester in my own sweat and smell of death
I’m rotting out from the inside

Did you did you did you
Feel? How could you?

Tear my flesh away with razors and mistakes.
Carve you name in me, and I will cut down the heart carved tree.

I will forget you, pendula
I will tear you down
From my walls,
From your cross

Walk away ill walk through fire
Let’s mix heaven like oil and desire
Walk away, away my little horned saint

Take my lust and my love and throw
Toss them as far away from your heart
Take your whisper
So my night mare starts