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Worn Thin

Posted to Poetry

Each day seems to add to the next, blending together, time seems to pass slower and slower and the stack to memories keeps adding, day by day, long sleepless night after sleepless night. It's all there only in my mind. You kissed my cheek, turned and walked down the crowded morning street. I watched from the back of the taxi, your white dress and slender legs gathering the light, you grow smaller and smaller creating a gripping image which dims with every dragging day. Each morning it becomes harder and harder to recall your face, with each night the longing for your graceful body becomes deeper. Will the memory keep fading; will the thoughts become diluted and weakened with time? The one thing I have of you is growing weak; my memory of your being is dying. Will I no longer see the easy smile and light that flashes in your eyes when you look at me? This fading memory of you is painful to my soul, painful to my mind. I feel a drain; the distance of our hearts is weakening my spirit. Each day becomes harder to begin; each night grows longer without your gentle breathing next to me. My vision has become black and white, my ears deaf to the music of life. I am creeping away, each part of me becoming hardened and bitter. Time is becoming critical; I must have you near to me soon. To hear the sound of your laughter, the sweet hum of your voice would revive my soul like a great rain on a parched broken landscape. I would rush with life, the color would return. My soul would recognize its other half once again. I would be completely alive with you by my side.