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This Used to be a Profession of Undying Love (PC)

Posted to Poetry

Make an image of love as a mobius strip: Infinite incomprehensible impossible to wrap your mind around
Bound to astound because the ends cannot be found

You see really it never began but neither will there ever be an end
It only looks that way in your puny mortal human finite mind
And mine

Leave me alone I'm sure one day I'll be fine
But until then I'll be sitting here on the shore of my own private Walden Pond as I watch and I wait and engage in a pathetic and futile attempt to wrap my puny mortal human finite mind around the infinite incomprehensible

Presently it occurs to me that you and me and all we see are little more than ants marching on a mobius strip out of an Escher lithograph

And if by now you've lost yourself amid my incoherent babbling, let me try to make it right
You see I'm speeding up to write this down before I lose my muse

And one of my muses is you

But right now we find ourselves upon some separate segments of that sideways 3-d figure eight we use to represent the endlessness of time and space and love
I think there's hope that one day we might meet again in the center of the mobius strip where paths have a tendency to cross