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this form itself isn't working, but I like the idea. Sort of a completely blank mad-lib to play with. Though, like I said, some of these lines are arbitrary. Something based on an actual poem would be more fun to play with. I'll toss this out as an example (brownie points to anyone who can get the poem I based this on.)

(art) (pl. noun) (verb (to be))(adj)
(prep) (adjective) (pl. noun)
(pronoun) (verb (to be)) (color)
(conj) (adj) (prep) (adj) (noun)
(conj) (adj) (prep) (adj) (noun)
(conj) (adj) (prep) (adj) (noun)
(pronoun) (prep) (pronoun) (verb (to be)) (adj)
(prep) (pl. noun) (prep) (noun)
(conj) (adj) (noun)
(pl. noun) (verb)
(infinitive) (prep) (pl. noun) (conjunction) (pl. noun)
(adv) (pronoun) (conj) (pronoun) (art) (adj) (noun)
(adj) (conj) (adj) (prep) (pronoun) (pl. noun)
(verb) (noun)
(prep) (adj) (noun)

I'm going to try my hand at this one, possibly change some of the plural nouns to singular? but still, I think this mad-lib esque "assignment" (experiment) has some potential.