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fifteen lines

Posted to Poetry

I have lost my beginning
I've lost my end

I've lost my vertigo
on it's stage of stones

There's no-one left
just the witnesses
the victim
& me

My sword can't cut itself
the samurai is lost
we have evaporated

[If we are all one, ego is the gravity that keeps us apart]

We are heading to the origin
hang up your coat
retire your sense of self

there's an insignificant knot in the fabric of the universe
[that's the bit you call me]
bumping into another swirling speck
[that's the bit I call you]

And we've been here forever
it's time that never came our way before

Is the word 'satori'?
but there's no words at all
my poem has no substance
the next fifteen lines are invisible & silent

they're the best ones of them all.