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i called you today for the first time
since april or may
when you left a sincere (and elaborate)
message on my cell phone about how i was
a one of a kind guy and
in not so many words
that you'd miss me
and would love if i'd call you.

i listened to the message and
didn't want to risk
what i'd eventually lose
in one rainy season

you have red hair and
a scratchy voice which i find attractive
and you are so sexy
and so

i had a crush on you the entire time
we worked together
which made it very hard to
work around you and
be a normal person

and i felt guilty
about how
taken i was
by you.

you were fired
for stealing

your addiction
scares me.

i am afraid to get
involved in
your life.

you sounded so happy
that i had called you
this afternoon.

i was nervous
but i wanted so badly
to hear your voice again

and i told you that i'd
held on to your number
and just hadn't called.

you asked if i still had a girlfriend.

you're no longer going out with
your cocaine dealer.

i'm glad.
i still like you.

i want to talk
about everything.

we are
going to lunch

i can't wait.