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shes lost control

Posted to Poetry

she was born with a smashed bottle of vodka and a diet pill,
and you can taste the whisky on her mouth and smell her hopeless magics and freedom.

And shes lost control again and she looks like a dream and now shes smoking a ciggarette in the marijuana haze of the living room and I'm sitting by myself laughing about the time kicked the TV over.

And shes got half an ounce and she don't need no-one and now shes getting fucked again and now im getting fucked up again.

And shes lost control again and shes got angel eyes with enough contempt in them for me and now shes passing out again and now they try and pass her round again but like i said she don't need no-one.

and shes lost control again and she is beautiful and we all want something beautiful and nows shes throwing up again and she sleeps in my bed for 16 hours besides to get up and shiver because we've both taken too much ecstacy.

And shes lost control again and shes become angelic and I'm sorry.