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as night poured its liquid smile upon us in the form of cloud-blurred starlight

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albert's sniffing K
and i'm in the bar,
trying to drain this
thick ass nimbus stout
that tastes like sour guinness
and take a shit
before i have to go back out
to the patio
and conduct my interviews
get these quotes
to compose a review of
this party

so i drain it, drop it,
decide to purchase another, having
already forgotten what it was i
ordered to begin with,
"just make it real dark", i say,
and end up with a porter
i have to choke down
while holding in the
leftovers of a gassy mistake
in the latrine.

later on i find al in his hole,
smiling with clay and tara and
tommy by the port-a-potties outside;
radar is on stage, using
a foot pedal a mixer, ONE turntable
and a sampler to
take sounds and tones from a record
and loop them and layer them,
rendering them to simple effects
in the process, doing the whole
four finger crab skratch
and everyone's hands are in the air,
the noise overwhelms the soundsystem,
and i need another beer because
i'm too into the performance
to be social, and too sober
not to comprehend what this guy IS doing
and for the first time in
i don't know how long
my fucking mind
was blown.

and as the night
poured its liquid smile
upon us in the form of
cloud-blurred starlight,
you should have been there,
watching the trains roll by
bathing in exhaust fumes
and nocturnal wishes

smiling humanly, stuck on earth
with me.