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some paradise

Posted to Poetry

I've learnt how not to talk to people or dream and when my narcotic god is dry i can feel my heart and my body.

But hey fuck you cause i'm looking for something too, and I don't know what it is, and were all looking for something and we'll all die before we get it but I might keep looking.

And don't worry cause it will all be Ok and one day someone will look in someone elses who they don't know eyes and then we'll all have something and we'll be ok.

We'll always be OK cause alcohol can make us dumb and herion can make us numb and the thousand crushed and snorted ecstatic burning ecstacies exploding over the starry midnight make us vacant eyed and happy.

We got no hope cause i found it and it was only a sad empty car park paradise devoid of emption somewhere on the floor of a sleazy nightclub next to a smoldering ciggarette but and a spilled beer.