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quiet, small, strange, and unsure
daughter of shawn and robert
sister of an assorted variety of half and step siblings, too many to list
lover of sad/angry music, the elusive thing we call ‘sleep,’ and a boy with dark brown eyes
who feels grumpy, tired, and hungry
who needs more rest, more food, and a week without a health crisis
who gives books she’s never read as gifts, cold germs incessantly, and on occasion a bit of sincerity to people who have come not to expect it
who finds comfort in songs that make her cry, half finished letters in her notebooks, and funny things in what should be serious
who fears rejection from college, failing grades, and the moments when she’s sure she has made mistakes too big to fix
who enjoys douglas coupland novels at two in the morning, goosebumps on her arms from a cowboy junkies song, and taking a moment to laugh at it all
who likes to wear a warm jacket, whatever’s on the floor, and her worn out tennis shoes
who would like to see the cure in concert, what morning is like in olympia, and her own messy apartment with no traces of little brothers and sisters
who lives on a dirt road, somewhere in west michigan