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so what do they want to know about me?"

"only the most scandalous details, my love."

"then i suppose I should tell them about you."

"--i'd rather you didn't,"

"come-on, it could be fun-- first i'd describe that look of yours, that look of pain."

"but it's not exactly pain..."

"--but it looks like pain, and that's all we have to go by, really; the appearance of things."

"you know that's a lie."

"do I?"


make of it what we will,
a foolish
flapping thing--
this (tongue, certainly).


"actually I hate rehashing our bullshit on a page, everything seems smaller here--"

"oh? is somebody feeling... a little... inadequate?"

"hahaha, bring it back to that why don't you, sure, sex, let's have it right here, let's spread-it-on so thick
no one could ever tell where the power ends and weakness begins,"

"ooh, now I've really got you going, eh? finally put enough lead in your pencil--"

"and what would I write then? life, life, life again?
perhaps I could call it the Sweet Fruit of Sin."


("you should really stop referrencing Joyce, honey--
it seems like too much of an in-joke..."

("I was thinking In/Out, actually--"

("yes, I could tell. but it seems honest enough otherwise. and the second person, is that supposed to be me?")


and what part's the reader supposed
to play in all of this?


"now we zoom-out, and we see the writer himself,"

"blah. who really cares about the writer, it's the
story that matters."

"but what if it's a story about a writer?"

"boring story."


("and if you're going to mention Joyce, you might as well
add the name of Calvino; you're borrowing more from him
than anyone else."

("I borrowed a bit from you also, of course"

("now who are you trying to charm?")


"I dunno man, it seems like you could have tried
a bit harder. how long did you spend on this, anyway?"

MAX: "about twenty minutes. I'm a busy man, Joe."

JOE: "but don't you think you owe something to your audience? character, plot, conflict, resolution--"

MAX: "the only thing I owe around here is the next
pint of Guinness."

JOE: "still... you should give them something."

MAX: "hell, I've given them a few decent lines, and
maybe the feeling they've been There, Elsewhere... Whatever That Is--"

JOE: "you can't cheat the reader out of a resolution--"

MAX: "what, you mean how the story ends? fine, fuck it,
I break the girl's heart."

JOE, FLIPPING THROUGH THE PAGES: "and another thing--
the girl, who's she supposed to be?"

MAX: "I dunno. Could be anyone, I guess."