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october moon song

Posted to Poetry

this scarfaced ghost that hangs above me --
where the last tears of the sky lion
dusk's purple face, shadows hide
in the open from the closed
and darkened shades -- and the winds,
the winds that run through the world asleep
like maternal fingers
through the dark tangles of some ailing

and the night -- a fuse on the back of the moon,
burning, burning,
burning, with the sun herself at its base:
our cosmic mother of light, like a charmed cobra
she has risen to witness the dawn since long
and before the earth stirred
amoeba soup
beneath that

not able to sleep
even in the choking darkness
of space.

there is a hole
that might never be filled.
like a crescendo never broken,
it waits in the stilled air.

and somewhere overhead
the october moon braves the black distance
once again

like a pale outcast spider
crawling away
from midnight.