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the debutante passion of a mystery fashion flair
fair daughter of a now deceased brilliant scientific scholar
and an aristocratic mad collector of meaningless artifacts,
sister of three meaning well critics caught up in
the daily routine of trying too hard to make the world
fit their often narrow perceptions,
lover of Love, Hope, Peace and Art
which brings questioning, who needs laughter in the morning,
love letters in the afternoon, music in the evening,
and a glaring full moon, who gives too much to too many
to have anything leftover, gardens and four leaf clovers,
a shoulder for a tear, an ear for a listen,
who finds the glistening of dew on a flower bud
like a mirror, the haunting of a clear day dearer
than the way night fades, open shades on windows
to let in wisdom, and truths in facial expressions
meant not to show,
who fears the shadows of memories, unexpected shock,
rocks which fly from nowhere at angles meant to crash
like lashing out anger, and the danger of time disappearing,
who enjoys hearing angels sing, rings of chimes, voices
coming back from borrowed rhyme,
who likes to wear faded jeans, silver rings,
and glitter-decorated eyelids,
who would like to see an accepting sun, the ocean from
a mountain cliff, a world turned on its axis by a kiss,
who lives in a fantasy place of bliss,

(thanks! that was fun!)