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I am the smiling motherfucker at the station...mostly happy about nice weather and good sushi...
I have been promised I will die by the poor quality of my bodies design...kinda pisses me off..
I am the walnut shells in your underwear..I will eat crackers in bed..
I am as smooth and fluid as a downhill freighttrain with a half dozen bad wheels..quiet like a dragqueen with a stolen makeup bag..
I will fill you up to your neck with a litany of insecurities and bad propaganda...I'll kick you square in the lungs,make you gasp with indecision and self-loathing..I can be a real jerk..but I mean no harm..
I can study faces for days..I've seen yours...dont look at me,I'll talk you out of your pants
I am green with envy..flushed red with satisfaction and smugness
I owe you money...I'll sleep on your couch
I'll be nice to your cat when you're looking..challenge it to a test of nerves when you're not..
I operate from a position completely devoid of malice..but I'll get you in trouble
I will talk to your lover all nite long..she will sigh quietly when she sees me henceforth.Dont ya hate that..
I will make your grandmother laugh..I'll tell her she looks sexy and I'll mean it..
I make priests and acedemics uncomfortable...they long to trust me.
I am full of serious inquiry..I study cereal boxes for clues to nirvana..bathroom walls for dating tips..
I had sex with someone in your immediate family because of that..I would've called but I lost the phone number
I cheated on my SATs...I cant seem to find my keys..
I'm hungry..I think I'll go get some pad thai...
Oh sorry...did I mentioned I have injested copious amounts of cocaine and liquor..I get confused sometimes
But..I'm not confused about this..I love you...I expect nothing in return.
I wander around watching..I see poetry in railstones and neon in bum piss and caviar..
I talk to god..I make her nervous..women..
I love women..I have been cruel to them because of fear and I guess because of that,
I have a daughter..(fukkin karma)I wonder aloud at her beauty and girlishness
I type poorly..I could'nt care less
I've ridden ocean swells...I am brought to tears by the innocence of it..
I am constantly in motion..I long for coffee and sunshine and Can I get a ciggarette and the odd two dollar winning lottery ticket..with which to buy another lottery ticket and lose but DO have to be in it to win it..
I can fix anything..I could fuck up a free lunch
I have a friend who will die from aids..I love her,I will be there to hold her hand when it comes..I am no longer afraid to be fearless...