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Marty Matz and Sandy Lehmann-Haupt

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Two significant players in the drama of Beat-dom died this past week.

One was Marty Matz, a poet based in New York City who had been much beloved by a small circle of Beat-generation "insiders". His poems were published in numerous small publications all over the world.

The other was an original Merry Prankster, Sandy Lehmann-Haupt, who had been with Ken Kesey on the legendary bus ride across America, and who was actually one of Tom Wolfe's primary sources for the book he wrote about the bus trip, "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" (Tom Wolfe had not been on the bus himself). Sandy Lehmann-Haupt was the brother of New York Times book critic Christopher Lehmann-Haupt. He suffered from some varieties of mental illness and drug addiction, as is alluded to in Wolfe's book. Later in life, he "got his shit togehter" with the help of 12-step programs and became an advocate for others suffering from mental illness.

Matz and Lehmann-Haupt, both shadowy figures in a way-- but both worth a moment of remembrance.