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Om or ohm

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If I found the alter of issac
would I be able to give up what I love?
Burn the bills from my wallet,
ignight the guitars and papers I horde.

If saint peter told me "all that is true is true through him" could I say truth is a female, something Ill never understand.

If sidhartha came to me and taught me how to tune my life;
Niether to slack or to tight could I do it right.
Sometimes my morals are to tight and my mouth is to slack.
Call the middle way be an average.

In the 8 fold path could I skip steps, pave it with concrete and technology. I need understanding people.

Do I worship OM or ohm? Do prefer prayer beads to electricity, is my mantra stronger than late night tv light from marathon movies.

If god
Looked upon me
would I beable to look back
or would I be staring into the black of space contemplating all the things I never will understand.