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hello ya'll, (and sorry i suck, in the amount of time it takes me to respond)

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thanks for all the great comments,
yeah, whooboy, this quest, it's great an' all,
but the thing is i'm living in transit again and
it's not exactly the easiest thing to sit down and
read twenty pages of script online, when you only get
"connectivity" in twenty-minute intervals, know what i mean?

sheesh. but that's enough bitching from ambon;
judging from the samplings of week one, it seems like we've got a pretty good group going, don't ya think?

oh my goodness, oh my goodness,
i'll be in dear old dirty dublin the next week or so,
should anyone need me, they should simply proceed to the
corner of O'Connel Steet and scream "Ambon!" at the top of their lungs, I'm almost certain to hear them.

may this find you all well,