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Sand in the teeth ... poem written at a Naragansette beach

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Wrote down the poem quick in my pad of paper like a reporter. I was on the beach when i wrote it there's alot i have to work at it but i dont know, maybe it shouldn't be touched not because its flawless but because it was written on a beach

Dogs run the bite
Up and down the quiet beach
Diaphanous and thin
Waves lapping in short ebbs

Autumn has slowed the movements
Of most warm bloods
And every man sees something different
When they stare out at the sea

My love to roses
And perfused skin of women
For whom have only uttered commonplace words
I would want them to whisper
Waiting for the coldest day
To love them

It is dusk now
The tangerine sun is the best Ive ever seen
Making beasts out of bits sand
A red reflection that nurses a weak ankle
With Warm licks

There is a timid breeze
I think fools of the fisherman who haven't caught anything
Yet their hooks are what is true
They hope to hook it
Dig it way down in the mouth of hope

I think a fool of myself for being a coward
Or simply a romantic fool
Waiting for the cold to bleed my lip
To burn flowers
The ripe juice of wines and whines
An orphaned heart unsure of others

Last salute to a woman twice
That big blue moon we drink to
The fools of wrath and wave
The skinned knuckles of fight
Dirt under the fingernails from a soil
Long and thick blooded

The blind wobbling pigeons at my feet
spearing for a piece of life
Hoping to get a bit

The dogs run past after the gulls
Jumping in the waves
Biting at the white caps she drinks
Soon the salt wears the tongue
And she gives up

I hope love a good woman
maybe to have twins and long nights
tell her to stay , stay because its going to rain in the afternoon
stay because I'm a coward

A wandering in the walk i stide
Tangerine sun been looking out for me
I climb the stairs
Hands in pockets of course
My toe to the ground to tap off the sand
I kick it off
Tangering sun been looking out for me
I kick it off and go home..