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feet poem

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(not written by me. It is written by my boyfriend , Will.)

My Feet
Holding me Up
Holding my body
and my legs and hands
hands for creating
and every thought in my head
all the burned blood coarsing thru the tubes
old burnt out shell of a brain
wide waste field with no good soil
nothing grows there anymore
young body drained and worn already
walking on two feet
and every worry
and every spiral
and every memorie
chasing the white rabbit
choosing god
and holding Jesus
holding Hitler
holding Television and America
America the beautiful
rejected my family I'm holding
all the drugs with every note
bouncing around each other
Holding pain crying screaming whimper
holding silence
with noise, tearing screaming piercing noise
destroyed the field
nothin' left to reap
I'm not gonna stand
on my tired old feet anymore