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>"lonesome hiways.."

>Everytime I hear this phrase (which is quite often), it >bugs me!

>Yeah, I feel all po' faced and nicotine stained when I >hear it, but it's just done to death. C-grade country and >western. And besides...I wonder how a hiway could be >lonesome.

Good...go with that. Actually, possibly "lonely highway" would be better, but yes, it's the highway that's alone.

>I know that it's supposed to be poetic and entreat >empathy...'lets feel for the traveler in this desolate >place'...

Nope...completely off base, this time (though in country, that's usually what it's supposed to mean.).

>but it always sounds like an atttempt to ascribe human >emotions to an inanimate object. It's the hiway that's >lonesome(?) (hmmm...on second thought maybe I like it >better when I think of it that way, like buildings are >said to have personalities, and cars are given nicknames >like they're lovers or pets.)

Yes, exactly. The highway, itself, is alone and lonesome. That's exactly what I was going for.

Basically, nobody's driving, because it's the blackout, so there're no cars on the road.


>What is it that's swollen?

The lights...

>Ripe? How big do these lights get? What's causing them to >swell?

Their lack of light.

>Illuminated memories?'s dark. Too much of a >contradiction...makes my head hurt. (Darkly illumined? >Inside the head, the mind, the memory?)

More personification. They swell with these memories, because they remember being on, and now they're not.


>"All of them are twisted
>through dusk with fog..."
>and mothed haloes."

>The fog is twisting them? Okay.

No, the fog is joining them, thus "with" instead of "by".

>Visual distortion. And mothed haloes. Where is the light >coming from. The memories? Too vague. Moths to a light? An >inner light? Will they burn their wings on dim nostalgia? >I'm not so sure what to feel here. Awkward.

Personification and you don't get along too well, do they? ;-)


>Across shores or skylines. You lost me here. I got nothing >else to say about that one...there's just no connection >for me. And I love a good abstraction, but this might not >be one.

Where did the blackout start? That should explain that.