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Can you guys tell me what you think of this??

Posted to Poetry

When you are thinking of everything,
You can’t do much
Lost in yourself,
A slave to your touch

All the while,
I thought it was lies,
Why couldn’t I see, the
Honestly in your eyes

No alarms went off,
No bells did ring,
You couldn’t see what
Was hiding within

I knew what I wanted,
Just afraid to say,
So I waited, again
For that distant day.

The circumstances where difficult
For both you and I
But I still knew what I wanted.
And for this I would die

I will remember that night when
Your lips touched mine,
That is the moment
All the pain died,

The tears dried up and the wounds they healed
And here we are now.

The words I wanted to say, for well over a year
I was able to whisper in your ear, and
When you took my hand
And squeezed so tight
That’s when I felt able to look into the night
To look at the stars, having to wish no more
Because this is what I wanted and of this I was sure.

I love you