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Paradigm Virus

Posted to Poetry

Have it your way have it no way
Try to hide any emotions
Any sembalance that I'm still alive
Twenty years I go I was born and died
And all I've tried I still do hide
See the stars hit the concrete
see the world slowly deplete
My only friend my only friend
Is there not love to be found
Oh well who cares time sits I stare
I've only been here who cares
Help the sinners help the saints
I don't care just help the pain
Whatever and ever isn't it clever
Need we severe all the cables
Ten beauties dancing in a line
Ten things that I will never find
Harmony is sodomy I believe I achieve
Sing the song sing the words make them long
I found my calling I found the empty
Where is the pearly white gates
Who should care what a glare
Please take off your underware
If I come drunk the first day of work
They won't know when I'm drunk or not
Clever oh so witty I need the city
Drape velvet around a corpse
It's still a corpse now with velvet
Make it stop make it stop call the cops
Words flow listlessly into my head
I fall hopelessly into an unmade bed
For whatever it's worth I have done nothing on earth
We erected the omage to nothing
Isn't it something
I am bored to bored to complete
I'm absurd to bored to compete
Lalalala drunk hahaha
I was told there are many fish in the sea
But there is no use for a fisher like me
Dig a hole plant nothing
then see if it grows
Rot and decay pleasure is dismay
Can I total my self in so many words
I beleive I can I try I can I will
I am I am I am What
Moonlight tears show my fears
Caress this mess and give it life
Life to run to have fun to shoot yourself with a gun
Fly straight Fly right fly into the ground
Then see if you are allright
Another drunken Ramble another Alcholic
Isn't it fun yes yes we are fun
Run to the corner run to your lover
See if there is another see your lover
I planted so many seeds
Nothing seems to grow I'll never know
Where is time where is line where is pain
What's that you left behind
Smells like shit but grows on you in time
Ladi da ladi da who there who cares
Plant the seeds of destruction
Give the pain of disruption
Poetry is a delicacy serve it raw
Sell your living space
sell your good taste to the corporaton coke
Grand Grand my friend another master peice
Pass me a peice I will smoke and get high
So grand so grand I try