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(an interested sounding) huh.

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The images are (arrrrr!) all great! Love them. Rain devouring things, never thought of that, but it MOST CERTAINLY does. And I love it now that I see it (you ever be driving and watching the gaping mouth of the rain cloud's teeth hangin' down to the ground and coming to swallow you on the road?). And yet, in the concise nature of all of these great, or at least good, images. I find myself feeling they pass to fast. It might be my current mood. But... it's too sparse for me. Maybe you cut some of your WORD ramblings short? (if so, don't do it... at least until you feel comfortable so) Also. I am a rambling moron who thinks he knows things. And if you feel insulted, slap me silly. If you love this poem, then do, you should, it is good. I just can't quite dig it all the way into the ground. But cake without icing is fine, it's STILL FUCKIN' cake. CAuse most people, I find (often myself as well), have trouble gettin' that cake to rise. There, I've rambled and idioted enough.