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mind and yet endlessly cradle could crew dada's Der Geist

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sine. ein sign, so say
the Lord loves you 'else
we'll pull your parish upon
the flames, aye,
one too tree for
five little injun boys,
the skinwalker, taut-torture-her-faces

(frisbee, follow
a pair of saucer eyes, tip-tip-tip
your tea, we can be civilized also,)

((hegel shakes his head, what nonsense he says,
you haven't any clearly defined position whatsoever
ambon, not even a thesis to speak around))

"and meanwhile,
marx is turning
in the grip of a nightmare:
something about being naked
on the first day
of class
and then God asks him
"who told you
you were naked?",
and then a gaunt faced angel
drives him into the wind."