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>But mostly it just seems like, you know, people dressing >up their pets in little people clothes!

Or their highways... ;-)

>I still have a problem with the "swollen" line...for some >reason I just don't see it...

>or the waves praying across shores or skylines...I can't >see where the waves are, why or how they pray there, how >they got just aint connectin'.

No worries. I figured this might be a bit vague, and, while I'm not sure that it is, you're possibly not making the connections I am.

Swollen--Well, first off, look at a traffic light. The round kind (not the sterile, flat Californian ones). It looks like a fruit. So swollen, or over ripe, with "illuminated memories", i.e. the memory of one being on. Basically, the lights are remembering a time when it was dark, and they were on.

As for the waves, it's Lake Erie. I assumed people would know this because the Blackout started in North East Ohio (maybe?) and spread from there. As for praying, I dunno' just seems that that's what waves do. Especially when illuminated.