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american dreams

Posted to Poetry

Look around you and dig this whole scene-
what is America, what does it mean?
American dreams of capitalist democracy,
replaced by arbitrary bureaucracy.
Where is America, where has it gone?
Now is the cold night, where is the dawn?
I walk down the sidewalks of a suburban community:
Here is the hope, here’s the humanity.
Contained in these houses are families and friends
and all of the dreams, the reals and pretends.
Contained in these houses are longings and yearnings
A hope for whats better
A perpetual burning
The American dream right down to the letter.
Also in these houses are suffering and pain,
The seeds of contempt, blossoms of disdain.
I think of humanity with all of its madness,
Not enough happiness, entirely too much sadness.
Tears in my eyes, I feel my heart breaking.
So little giving, so much thoughtless taking.
But then I look into the dim evening homes
And realize that’s what turns words into poems.
An ethereal vision of a young girl crying,
Unfit for betrayal, incapable of lying.
I cry for her, and she cries for me.
We cry for America, and together we hope to redeem
The forgotten hope of the American dream.