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Thanks for asking, Firecracker. What I'm trying to do is get together writers from the Boston area to sign up and join writers groups - work with and for each other to do the best job we can - then I will publish us and send us on a modest book tour. After making all or books available on line and stuff. It's aimed at the most truly frustrated of us, who are considering going through one of those impersonal POD places... I'm really excited about it! Here's my web site...

I called the company Big Table because I kept saying to my boyfriend (an antiques dealer... right now we have an antiques store... "I'm going to need a big table for my writing groups." and then soon after during my research of the Beats came upon a reference to a magazine which I'm sure this population knows about... Big Table!

Robin - hope there are some writers out there who would be interested in joining!