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Rape to frown uppon

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to frown


Mary had a little lamb
that filled her bedroom
from wall to wall

Her parents saved her soul,
in shame,
as preaching was their call

Dinnertime was closing in,
when her brother Jesus
jumped the train

In old New Orleans
with the beatific bum
towards the marshland of Cain

Blessing god
and passing the peas
was the protocol of benevolence

the family embraced
in their religious order of precedence

Sin was the word
that broke the peace,
that murky night in November

Where God as the judge and jury
taught the family
how to dismember


Parental unites
have build in microchips
with a fifteen year warranty

Ensuring the quality
of the moral codex
for the adolescent lobotomy

The cyber nanny
and acclaimed pedagogue
raised her voice in dispute

On the first day
the biblical book
was put in the hands of the mute

This is not a question of right
or wrong,
it’s all about my heartbeat

And how I must evolve
and adapt my physic
to the atmosphere of 115 St.

The misty lives
of suburban zealots
absorbed by the sagas of brave men

Whose genes
they will never exploit
due to the cultural paradox of Zen


A cheerleader and a quarterback
deeply in love
with each other’s lives

Sofa City sops up
the narcissistic plot
and ignores their mental hives

A philosophic bohemian
beatnik goth punk
in love with his own demise

The school psychologist blames
the modern times
as if it was a surprise

Mary never intended to compete
with her brother,
but god required love

As the family
as an economic unity
realized that there was never enough

A farther and a mother
in a house with a child
a fairytale told by cops

The righteous indignation dollar
randomly spend
on theatrical props


The local iron foundry
employing the working culture
and their wits

Teaching young men to be other men
with other values
like beer n’ tits

And in the salon
last years prom-queen
is coaching the female pack

On how to utilize
a 25 year lifespan
before beauty hits the sack

Only the once
who dared to challenge the world
could escape conformity

In which
they were taught to despise
the basic human honesty

Mary’s father was not unfeeling,
hence he told others
the good lies

But he was drone
with a devil in his spine
feeding him with sad eyes


Smallton, Arkham, and Lowell
are all sanctuaries
of effortlessness

Containing souls in secure containers,
projecting angles;
in duress

While I struggle to understand
the joy of life
and why I need to die

The school, the parents,
the police, and the church
burns the open sky

The picturesque facade to the west
with the bear
and the golden hills

Hides the sun
and covers up the corpses
from the children that he kills

The rape of correctness
has spawned an avatar
of deprived childhood

Taking away investments
in fourteen year old top athletes
and god


Innovative television folks
from metropolis
reconstructs the city of mediocrity

Uncovering the true sensational stir
of a studio set
founded by scientology

plastic coated teenage prospectors,
larger gasoline explosions,

And the icon of ethics
rounding of the event
as “childish N.I.N. devotions”

We all receive a holy ghost like bird
raised from the ashes
of burned US. dollars

And economists tells us
to ignore, spend,
and become one of their followers

But Mary’s brother Jesus
is kicking back
and enjoying what we have created

Taking a last sip of his gin n’ juice
and writing a haiku poem
called “inflated”

A. Pødenphant