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Kokopelli, The Final

Posted to Poetry

I am the prodigal son of Kokopelli
Contemporary embodiment of benevolant diety
Wasn't chosen, but take it upon me
to carry on the only things worth carrying on,

Love, Life, Music, Freedom, Art, Truth,

As did the one before me, and the one before him,
Other metaphysics so trivial and dim,
Threatening to smite on a whim,
Hope the others aren't really right,

Or it's Fire, Brimstone, Famine, Plague, Drought, Flood,

For I and those like me,
But till I find out, No choice but to live free
Time will tell, and we shall see,
For now I can't do much but keep playing my song,

Live the only way I know how, 'cause I'm the last Kokopelli