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supernova--the priests tale

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the priests words

Out of stirring sleepy valleys
slow spurts over tarmac in dusk
like the long sigh of bus air brakes.
This roll call
to last a thousand years or more
pass this way
and seep into a groaning line
grasping each others hollow eyed faces.

With sun boiled brains
torn out pages of history
scratch past hungry tracks,
a viscous chain in moonlight
they travel on and on
following the tenorman’s slow notes.
Long pauses

and you, a chosen one
not fully honed by evolution
lie here with the blood of many
in your veins,
your eyes free of timidities
and unwrinkled by autumnal coat,
yours a pure acceleration
along the curvature of time.

note--a father after hearing that his down syndrome daughter was dying from blood disorders--she was in hospital having one of her normal blood transfusions--
and a cathoilc priest comforted him--i hope i have done justice to his words