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never told the truth

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afternoon kids, it's your uncle sam. some of you don't recognize me and i told you not to talk to strangers but you know who i am. i'm the man who peddled a pack of facts to yesterday's youth, even though my whole life i never told the truth. gave up false utopia in lieu of blue skies. in other words, i sold the elders what they sell to you. i didn't do much. crippled a people on saturday. on sunday offered up a crutch and a cross. Robert Johnson sold his soul to me, but when he saw my toothless grin he wished he hadn't. i could see it in his eyes and you know those never lie. just take a look at mine. lifeless from years on the tight wire, bloodshots like fire. dark satchels of the sleep deprived kind. haunted by those lost lives, no matter how hard i try.