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Turbo love

Posted to Poetry

money mad
squealing tires
turbo teenage fires
wrecking meat and wires
wonder wheels
circle plenty
descending parts of
animal crotches
sniffing each other so
furiously in the dark
the prize of unzipped flies
in the backseat of our
twisting furry love

so unfraid to taste
tomorrow's tender
never-ending flesh
when it came at last
the morning found us
still swimming inside each
other's bones
eternal eyes see the
titanic teenage brains
continents of love
so anatomically correct
twin neon spires
jingled our
kiddie love
yet hypnotized
the butterflies on fire
fly away
I watched them fly away

fish they sparkled so and
swam in lips of laughter
we held hands
along the banks
of dappled leaves
and holy pebble streams
heaven happy
to just get back
wet in wonder
our hearts on fire

swimming in the dark
I still see the fish
blue green sparks
swimming in dusky
sweating water
we crept to land
beside the rushes
on the bank
your body fires
bellied me to ground
beside the stream of fish
gills and salmon steps
fly upstream
the silver water
floating up your smile
flashing it was
turtle cool
in the moonlight shade where
we lay and
traded clothes
to taste each other's souls
our hearts on fire
even the rocks began to melt
I drank you
and you sent me
secret signals from
your trick balloons
and we felt the moon
rising upon our backs
river running
hearts on fire

I remember stars and moonlight fire
do you remember?

I remember evening slumber
thick delirious and warm

kill me now my grief forever

when you whispered in my ear:
"I long for you forever"

teenage love
where is that you've gone?