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bow, kiss

Posted to Poetry

Crimson floppy shining hair
Happy freckle eyes
Cat smiling winking staring back at you
The lass
staring smiling back at at you
freckles past shining eyes and tule la ru la ru

A question mark now around that nose and who
Knows how
Or why those eyes
Breeze bright those green eyes that meet your eyes
lightning flashes green
see those eyes

They clutch each other tight
Moonface mammal tight full of giggles
Caught nearly caught but by whom?
Not by you pushing shoving wanting to know them
Half-screaming running holding hands
They run from you and scream delighted
Away far away from you your winter’s dying tropic
Gales and spinning running tears on glass
And legs legs and arms wrapped about the other

Almost sisters but one the mother
Two versions of the other
Monkee tight
Groom their hair, tease the other
But not the same both laughing
Hopping up and down
I watched them play and
Pour themselves deep into
the tube
the tube

The tube and I throw my head back
And then I laugh
I laugh

Holiday for Irish elvin lasses
But not for you my anderson christian
Grim for all the rest of us tied up
Heavy coated draped in scarves
Trudging to a daylong toil
No one looked up but me
I saw them
I saw them dancing
Bounding up the aisle
Waking sleepy workers tired before the dawn
Barely broke through hazy skies
Those eyes and then I saw

They were gone

The train pulled into
London dawn
Steady streaming raining
I wiped my eyes and
walked on beneath the dawn
that turned darkeness day trundled to my
little office counting coffee cups and cigarettees
and then gone
the day
long gone
as the whistle sounded

When I came home I saw them
Those two kittens
Curled up before the fire
Kissed them each upon a sighing nodding cheek
And I
I bent
And curled up
Beside them
And went to sleep