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ode strapped on a gurney

Posted to Poetry

imagining the costs of various
eloquences, she disseminates the
charts of a calliope’d
regime, battling a
black clad gorgon at
the overpass;
a jar of used teardrops
for sale he heads for the
envelope, pegleggin’ on
a tar-strewn bunkhead …
larks collect in the
filter, Charles Ives falls off a cliff;
aiming at fabulist algerians
I hear the cicada bands play in the
bistro of the final

pass me a clip mama mia
why so forsaken? do not
shrew me snows of
cimmaron, a candy
tungsten swirl
wiped across the
color field gnomic,
sepia river odd
isn’t it, the
cheap catharsis
a placer for
always stiffed at
the whiskey hole,
the esmeraldas
preferring roustabout
meat to a gypsy moth
damn could shove a
basalt obelisk of
runes into their
Delphic soapoperas and
turn up penseroso,
bozo blind in the
pogo plaza….smile for the kraken