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in search of joisey exquisite

Posted to Poetry

somewhere near the passaic river
yeah, the goombas in the swamps
after some stogies and cahhds,
hey vinnie, come here, there’s
some frickin’ snails on this stiff’s
cheek, bada frickin’ bing
so they peel the snails off
his face and put him to rest
wid’ the fishes..

later wid’ some
canoli at Tony’s
Boss gets a coffee cup
From the galley punk:
What’s the matta?
You got some problem
Goomba? There’s frickin’ fur in
This cup!
you just gave me…
so boss grabs a baseball bat and
beat the punk to death
I tell you it ain’t easy
dealin’ wid’ a man
of his temper-ment

So then me and da fellahs
go over to the club, ya know
watch some local talent
do their thing, have a few laffs
throw some change at the
ladies and dis’ gal with some ocelot
comes out, with, can you believe it,
one eye in her head
so we leave a tip
and go back to the motel