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-the physiology of poetry-

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i keep running circles within myself
darting my heart, and running into my brain
passing through capillaries for fresh air
but realizing it’s only to be exhaled anyways
i follow the vertebrates on an unknown path
but am overwhelmed by it’s steps to be lost on
exploring the fleshy layers that many
touched from the outside which bares
scars of past times, red & purple hues
the acidity of the stomach stings much less
then you would think, or have felt
but looking upon my iris from the inside
i wonder how many time the pair had watered
over things much beoynd physical constraints
i find myself always back in two doorways
complicated paths, but i always follow the red lines
to the heart
and to the brain
because they are the organs most sought after
and small in comparison to some
but intricate beyond belief
breatheless i travel back to the tired muscles of my feet
but you can’t run from within yourself