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tableau of mirrors: the scribe chorizon displays his chronometer

Posted to Poetry

In a leaf-garroted ruin,
tendrilled with bougainvillea and fer-de-lance
chorizon mad reckons the passing of
orchid suns, denying
the hypostasis of cycles,
the ancient names for
rain and eclipse, famine and drought
equinox and solstice
he consigns the emperors
into some convenient tartarus.
Was Octavius to be the deity of
Teleos? Was reality affixed
in a dial in the second century BC?

Configuring admittedly resilient
arrows with his wizard claw
parsing the latinate and gothic
code into shall we term
a epistemological
quadrant, a chamber
music of hourglasses,
antimonies of graphical

he gathers his equipment and makes his
way through the cloudforest to the
palace at the coast….hearing the sound of
mahogany’d polyrhythms and
temple gongs, he breaks clear of the jungle,
the sail-less corsairs listing out in the harbor…
he is greeted and led through
by sentries clad in jaguar pelts,
oxen hide…the Captain is in his
feasts, mayan concubines
shadowy in incense…
unveiling his chronometer
he notices his dissolution,
the last grin of the Captain,
the court, the dancers,
the clock morphing
to marble gulls